ZRP is a new independent record label whose aim is to assist developing artists to take another dimension. ZRP chooses therefore to follow only a few projects so it can focus its energy and resources and turn them into exceptional projects.

ZRP has chosen a business development plan based on partnerships with leading players in the music industry.

High standards, commitment to the projects, and priority given to the artists’ choices are the core principles of the label.

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The first band signed on the label is The Popopopops

It is in 2007 that the Popopopops, a precocious quartet from Rennes with a falsely naïve/innocent name and 80s influences, woke up the sleepy town.
Although barely 18 at the time, they started building up a reputation performing at (some of) the biggest music festivals in France (Transmusicales, Printemps de Bourges) and across the rest of Europe (Eurosonic, Paradiso, Razzmatazz, Reeperbhan). Winner of the 2009 Inrocks magazine CQFD contest, the band decided in 2011 to go back to Rennes/their hometown to write new songs.
The four lads from Rennes released in May 2012 “A Quick Remedy”, a powerful EP with a dark pulsing atmosphere. Vacillating between the feverish rock of Foals and the electro pop of New Order, the 5 new tracks are a complete departure from “Dance Tonight” their carefree anthem/tune that got them noticed.

This first EP was well received by music journalists and bloggers but most of all by the public. The release party was held at the Nouveau Casino in Paris and the crowded/sold out venue was another positive sign of the good reception of the EP.

– On March 25, 2013, release of The Popopopops’ first album poetically and visually entitled « Swell. »


« Swell » : Crescendo

From their beginnings, The Popopopops chained up live performances in France (Transmusicales, prize CQFD Les Inrocks, Zenith, Olympia as feat. to Skip The Use …) and abroad (Holland, Germany, Russia, Canada…) The reputation they acquired from their electrifying live doesn’t highjack them from uninterruptedly composing.  The four of Rennes sign up « A Quick Remedy » in Mai 2012, an intense EP.  Thereby asserting their singular identity: a band allying live energy and audacious compositions.

Many experiences enabled the band to evolve and digest the multiple influences startling their vocation, such as Frank Zappa, Television, TV On The Radio et The Whitest Boy Alive.  Tracks explored in the EP, such as the hymn « My Mind is Old », have crystallized into the writing of this first album.


 « Swell » : Elegant

In July 2012, they began a challenging recording which lasted over six months.  In five separate studios, they meticulously researched various sounds, atmospheres and backgrounds in view to transcending their live and authentic sound and adapting it to fit current studio production requirements.

The band relentlessly worked on the diversity of compositions and the power of melodies.  A secular attention is given to lyrics, both feverish and carnal.  Their poetry spreads a romantic nostalgia with modernity.

They organized collaborations and marry the rock genes of British director Tom Peters (Klaxons, Cradle of Filth) with the elegance of the French school of mix thanks to Maxime Le Guil (Concrete Knives, Camille, Joey Starr.)  In search of this alchemy, the band was guided by Mickaël Declerck, their live and studio sound engineer, truly the fifth member of the band.

Further, the band enhances coherence to the symbolic and intimate choice of the cover portrait.  The photograph taken by Richard Dumas of their friend Thierry stands like a metaphor of the maturity and power of this first album.


« Swell » : Like sound waves

As we go along listening, songs explore various and unknown seas.  « Pure », rock and bright hymn to a lost love.  The ethereal « Hypnotise me », electro ballad with a dreamlike sensuality.  « The Waiting », incantation prayer with devastating guitar riffs.  As to the indolent and sunny « Cross The Line », hiding a provocative irony behind the apparent lightness of its unstoppable melodic line.

One shall enjoy floating to the harmonious and violent swell of this dense and mastered first album.


“Following in the footsteps of British bands like Foals or Delphic, The POPOPOPOPS crush pop, new wave and rock with communicative fervour” (Télérama Sortir – TTT)

“Composed with great ingenuity and rendered with a certain sense of melody that sweeps aside everything on its way, A Quick Remedy is set to make (big) waves in (the world of )contemporary pop music” (Zic Zac)

“A dark, tense and hypnotic pop music much like New Order or Talking Heads” (Le peuple du rock)
“An EP cleverly produced between nostalgic romanticism, mysterious darkness and catchy melodies” (Empreintes Digitales)

“Without any a priori, without having heard a single note before, we let ourselves win very easily and it is undoubtedly a supporting act (concert of BRETON) who needs to be seen/heard again soon!”(onlike)